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Savoy Cinema, 1954

"Attended a showing of Law and Order (aged 14) starring Ronald Reagan and Dorothy Malone in the Savoy cinema in Renfrew St/Hope St. At a critical stage in the movie Ronald pushes open the saloon door and all of a sudden the main beam holding the safety curtain collapsed into the screen - people thought it was part of the movie. Then it dawned on them and panic erupted, emptying the cinema. I could not react quickly as my brother Peter (aged 10) was handicapped so we stayed put but ended up as one of the few who received a full ticket refund."

Shared by Ken Doran

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  • 10 October 2011, 09:37

    thanks for settle in an argument with my mother i argued that there had been a cinema on the sit of what is now the savoy shoppin centre

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