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Odeon, Scotstoun, 1960s/70s

"I and my two brothers used to go to the Odeon Scotstoun every morning for the Minors' Club which was made up of all the local children. We watched cartoons, a serial and the main feature, which had usually been made by the Children's Film Foundation. I particularly remember a film about a Polish boy who had been put into a home in England and who desperately wanted to return to Poland. All the children and staff eventually raised the money for his fare by which time he had got to know everyone well and he decided to stay. His last words were, 'But I don't want to go to Poland. I want to stay here.'

The boy's name was Janusz, the same name as my younger brother, and the three of us were thrilled to watch a story about our father's country and to witness a name that we recognised. In those days European names were relatively unusual and we three often felt different and slightly apart from others because of our unusual names and backgrounds.

At the interval there were dance competitions held up on the stage. Kids would line up across it and dance to the latest pop songs and the winner would be the one who got the loudest cheer from the audience, or the fewest boos. At the end you had to stand up for the national anthem or you got shouted at.

I remember seeing King Kong at the Odeon Scotstoun on a Saturday afternoon and having to forego ice-cream at the Intermission as there were only balcony seats left and they cost two shillings.

As far as encouraging me to make cinema going an important part of my life, recommending wonderful films and introducing me to the GFT, I will be eternally grateful to my late beloved brother, Kenneth Turlewicz."

Shared by Ilona Wewiorski

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Comments (3)

  • 01 December 2011, 00:15

    Hi Ilona Wewiorski
    are you the singer from 1970s The No Entry Band with "Kenneth Turlewicz."
    i'm so sorry to read the sad news about your brother - i finished up on this Glasgow Film Site by trying to find your music on "You Tube" and then Google Searched the name . Kenneth/Ilona Turlewicz - Strange Journey .
    Regards - Roy Dixon - roydixon@hotmail.co.uk

  • 31 May 2012, 03:30
    Derek Dickson

    Ilona Wewiorski, would this be the Kenny that went to St Tam's?

  • 10 June 2012, 15:28
    Ilona Wewiorski

    To Derek Dickson,

    Yes, Derek. Kenny went to St Tam's, as did I. Did you know my brother?


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