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Seamore, Maryhill Road

"You'll see more at the Seamore!"

This advertising slogan was not wrong. An enormous shed of a building on Maryhill Road, the Seamore was described on opening in 1914 as 'the greatest achievement in popular entertainment' - a typically modest claim from cinema impresario A. E. Pickard.

You probably did see more than you might imagine at the Seamore - the auditorium was decorated with a series of nude paintings, and in 1926, presumably to make the already enormous building even more unmissable at night, a large clock and a Moulin Rouge style illuminated, revolving windmill was installed on the roof.

Demolished after a fire in 1968, there sadly are no known surviving photos of the building in its prime.

Find out more about the Seamore cinema on Scottish Cinemas.

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