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Green's Playhouse, Renfrew Street

Glasgow's Cineworld is itself a record-breaking cinema but it sits on the exact site of one even more famous, larger and grander in scale and scope: the legendary Green's Playhouse (later the Apollo).

Four years in construction and designed by architect John Fairweather, the Playhouse opened with 4,368 cinema seats in a single auditorium over three levels. This was Britain's largest ever cinema, and also the biggest in Europe at the time.

It's amazing to think that, at this point in history before the coming of sound on film, a small local family-run firm, which owned just a handful of cinemas, had the ambition and drive to build Europe's largest cinema.

But simply being a cinema wasn't enough for the Greens. The building, a true multi-purpose entertainment venue, also included tearooms, a double-height ballroom that could hold nearly 3,000 people, plus, of all things, a putting green!

It's said that when the building was operating at full capacity, it could hold nearly 10,000 patrons.

Find out more about Green's Playhouse on Scottish Cinemas.

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