13 Feb

Cinema Do Brasil


Over the course of this year's Glasgow Film Festival you can see nine Brazilian films. Only one of these films currently has a UK distributor in place so these may well be unique opportunities to see a cross-section of work from a nation whose cinema deserves much closer attention. The films range widely across subject matter, period, location and aesthetic. The award-winning Neighbouring Sounds/O som ao redor is distinctly urban, bleached in piercing sunlight and reminiscent of Roman Polanski classics like Repulsion and The Tenant as it slowly reveals the tensions and guilty secrets among the residents of the affluent area of Recife. 

Cao Hamburger's Xingu deals with the guilty secrets of the whole nation as it moulds a sweeping adventure yarn from the story of three brothers who signed on for the government's March West plan in the 1940s to bring 'progress', 'civilisation' roads and airfields to areas of the country officially deemed unoccupied. Realising that what they were really doing was exploiting and harming the indigenous population, the brothers became the most committed advocates of local rights.

America's guilty relations with Brazil are the focus of The Day that Lasted 21 Years/O Dia Que Durou 21 Anos, a painstaking documentary on the way both John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson worked to protect American interests by participating in the overthrow of Brazil's democratically elected president Joao Goulart.

The beautiful, mysterious black and white fable Southwest/Sudoeste may remind you of last year's acclaimed Tabu whilst if you are looking for something purely entertaining there is the kitsch comedy Prime Time Soap/A Novela das 8 and the utterly charming The Best Things in the World/As Melhores Coisas do Mundo in which fifteen-year-old Hermano is coming to terms with the complexity and compromises of the adult world.

If all the films leave you in the mood to sample a little more Brazilian culture then head to Boteco do Brasil for some food or come along to the Carnival evening on Friday the 15th when you can watch the Oscar-winning classic Black Orpheus and then jump on the samba for a night of dance workshops, drinks and all the fun of the carnival.

Allan Hunter,
GFF Co-director

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