Programme Updates

With so many new releases and live events, the festival programme is subject to last minute additions, guest announcements and sadly, cancellations. This is where you can keep up-to-date with changes that won't be noted in the printed brochure. Our apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience caused as a result of these changes.


Power Suit Yourself - Workshop 'Power Up Your Suit!' Saturday 21 February (17.00)

An extra screening of Red Amnesia has been added on Saturday 28 February (11.00) in the CCA Theatre.

An extra screening of Jauja has been added on Saturday 28 February (23.00) in GFT3.


The Rise and Fall of Ingrid Bergman. And Rise between Wed 18 Feb - Sun 1 Mar (10.00 - 18.00)


  • We're very pleased to be hosting the European Premiere of Noah Baumbach's While We're Young as our Opening Gala film, contrary to the note in the GFF15 brochure. At the time of going to print, the screening was set to be the UK Premiere.

  • The film listed as Backmask (FrightFest) in the GFF15 brochure has more recently had its title changed to The Asylum (Backmask).

  • The Mule is listed in the brochure as being included in the festival courtesy of Bulldog Film Distribution. This is incorrect and should say thanks to Seville International.

  • The brochure incorrectly states that a minimum of 3 tickets must be booked in order to take advantage of the Family Ticket Deal, The deal only applies when a minimum of 4 tickets are booked.
  • The brochure lists the cast of Letters to Max as Nancy Holt, Dennis Wheeler and Maxim Gvinjia. It should credit only Maxim Gvinjia.
  • The Margaret Tait Award film by 2014 winner Charlotte Prodger has more recently been titled Stoneymollan Trail, and the time of the screening on Mon 23 Feb has changed to 19.15.

  • Entry to Algorhythm on Thursday 26 February (19.00) will be £3 for GSA and £5 for non-GSA guests.
  • We regret to announce that the screening of Fires on the Plain on Sun 22 Feb (13.00) has been cancelled due to unforeseen technical problems. In its place will be an additional screening of Uzumasa Limelight.
  • The release date for Radiator is listed as 2013, when it should be listed as 2014.