The programme has been divided into eighteen strands to make it easier for you to identify the films which most interest you. These strands are thematic, for example Best of British offers the choicest new UK releases - from low-budget independents to star-studded glamour - and Stranger than Fiction collates eye-catching documentaries, offering proof that fact can indeed be as compelling as fiction.

Best of British

Savour a selection of finest British fare from an industry that continues to make small miracles on modest budgets. Old masters and new voices rub shoulders in the very best of home-grown cinema.

Buena Onda: New Brazilian Cinema 

City of God, Elite Squad and Central Station have alerted audiences to the world-class cinema emerging from Brazil. As the country becomes a dominant economic force and prepares to host the Olympic Games and the World Cup, we present a showcase of contemporary Brazilian cinema celebrating exciting new voices and award-winning achievements.

Crossing the Line

A dot on the horizon? A mark in the sand? A leap in the dark? Join us for films that challenge the mainstream, defy the odds and mix disciplines to create something original and astounding.


From a Berlin prize-winner to a fine Danish romance, a sizzling Swedish thriller to a gripping German morality tale and a Polish cry for justice – we present the finest films that Europe has to offer.

Fashion in Film

Fabulous fashion films and unique events salute the tightly woven links between fashion and film, style icons and celluloid trendsetters.


Films that will make your flesh creep, your stomach heave and your eyes roll heavenwards. Gore, grand guignol, giggles and groans. Pure cinema. Pure terror. From the team that knows what is good for you. And now the screaming starts...


Roll out the red carpet, slip on the dark shades and book the stretch limo for the first glimpses of the finest films heading your way throughout 2013. Big names. Big budgets. Surprisingly small ticket prices. Glasgow: cinema-going with style.

Game Cats Go Miaow!

Curated by obsessive gamer Robert Florence of BBC Scotland’s Burnistoun and videoGaiden, our newest strand celebrates Scotland’s passion for gaming. As computer games grow ever more cinematic in their scope and sweep, could they begin to challenge the movie-going experience? Some famous faces and hardcore gamers stop by to investigate.

Glasgow Music and Film Festival

Crank up the volume to eleven and immerse yourself in a unique celebration of the special relationship between music and film. Amazing documentaries and extraordinary live performances curated in perfect harmony between the film buffs and the music geeks.

Glasgow Short Film Festival

Brevity is the soul of wit. Short films are the life blood of movie-making. GSFF is an amazing chance to view, network, savour, celebrate and take inspiration from the amazing skill and art of making a short film.

Glasgow Youth Film Festival

Showcasing the best contemporary international cinema for and by young people alongside workshops, masterclasses, competitions and special events.

Great Scots

A celebration of native talent and local heroes with screenings of the best new productions from Scottish filmmakers and Scottish production companies. Archive gems from all-time greats and personal appearances from your nation’s movers and shakers.

It’s a Wonderful World

Around the world in much less than eighty films with top titles from all across the globe that have stormed the local box-office, charmed the grumpiest critic or earned top festival prizes. A ticket to the world and you won’t even need a passport.

James Cagney: Top of the World, Ma!

Long before Goodfellas, Scarface or The Godfather, James Cagney was Hollywood’s ultimate tough guy. An electrifying performer, Cagney blazed across the screen in a series of landmark crime classics including The Public Enemy, The Roaring Twenties and White Heat. Cagney was equally adept at helter skelter screwball comedy and wartime drama and this retrospective pays tribute to the remarkable versatility of one of the greatest stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age.


Savour Glasgow’s very own dark nights with superhero classics old and new, unmissable discussions and debates, and premieres from the world of graphic novels and beyond.

Out of the Past

Cinema’s finest achievements rescued from dusty archives, lovingly restored by experts, tenderly remastered and enthusiastically rediscovered. Classic movies in peak condition back on the big screen where they come alive all over again.

The State of Independents

Welcome to the world of American cinema that lies beyond the razzle dazzle of what Hollywood has to offer. Intensely personal visions, incredibly compelling stories and quirky, funny, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art joy from hot new talents.

Stranger than Fiction

There is nothing more riveting than real life and nothing more dynamic than the documentary. An exceptional selection of the best examples of the genre that will take you on amazing journeys, reveal incredible lives and challenge your views on pressing matters of crime and punishment, life and death.