The Cineskinny 2014

Cineskinny webpage22014 was the Cineskinny's sixth GFF, published each day of the Festival by The Skinny’s crack team of cinephiles, it was a one stop shop for festival information.

GFF14 editions are below:

The CineSkinny, Thursday 20 February
Wes Anderson’s latest opus draws from a wide array of cinematic ancestors, including some featured elsewhere in Glasgow Film Festival’s 10th edition line-up. 

The CineSkinny, Friday 21 February
Salvo co-director Antonio Piazza waxes lyrical about the meanings and mysteries behind his thoughtful debut

The CineSkinny, Saturday 22 February
Jia Zhangke’s films all comment on the state of modern China; his latest, A Touch of Sin, could be the most controversial yet. 

The CineSkinny, Sunday 23 February
We look beyond the Best Picture Oscar nominees that make up GFF’s ace Hooray for Hollywood strand and pick some of the other gems from 1939. 

The CineSkinny, Monday 24 February
Set among the post-apocalyptic ruins of a vast empire, Rachel Maclean’s latest exploration of national identity is set to be one of GFF14’s highlights. 

The CineSkinny, Tuesday 25 February
Joanna Hogg discusses working in London and using non-professional actors to tell her unique stories before the release of her latest, Exhibition.

The CineSkinny, Wednesday 26 February
Nearly two decades after their last adventure, Dear Mr Watterson proves Calvin and Hobbes are still as relevant as ever.

The CineSkinny, Thursday 27 February
Director Nicholas D. Wrathall introduces his decade-in- the-making documentary portrait of the late Gore Vidal.

The CineSkinny, Friday 28 February
Hollywood isn’t the only part of the world with a penchant for remakes, as the Japanese adaptation of Unforgiven reveal.

The CineSkinny, Saturday 1 March
Diego Quemada-Díez discusses the social issues and influences behind his new film The Golden Dream. 

The CineSkinny, Sunday 2 March 
After opening with lightness at The Grand Budapest Hotel, Glasgow Film Festival closes in darkness with Under The Skin, a tale of an alien seducing and killing men on this city’s streets. We spoke to its director, Jonathan Glazer.