14 Feb

New films added to GFF12 programme!


We are thrilled to announce three brand new films for GFF12 - you won't find details of these in the brochure - this is hot off the press!

GFT, Tuesday 21 February (18.30)
A killer cast including Sigourney Weaver, Steve Buscemi, Robin Wright, Ben Foster, Cynthia Nixon and Anne Heche join Woody Harrelson in Rampart, in which the Oscar nominee gives a bravura performance as a self-destructive, old-school dirty cop in the L.A. police force of the late 90s. After a career filled with anger and underhanded behaviour, Harrelson’s Dave Brown finds himself on the road to oblivion in this moody, compelling drama.

Silver Apples - The Key of Yellow
GFT, Sunday 26 February (15.30)
We are delighted to announce that Simeon of Silver Apples will be at GFT to introduce another new addition to our programme, Silver Apples – The Key of Yellow. (This documentary replaces Silver Apples: Play Twice Before Listening which had to be cancelled.) 1960's electronic double-act Silver Apples had, for many years, been languishing in general obscurity. This was until their ground-breaking music was finally appreciated and recognised for its innovative, psychedelic sound; a sound that would go on to influence the likes of Beck and The Beastie Boys. This three-part interview with band leader Simeon covers the fascinating history of Silver Apples, genuine pioneers of the electronic music scene. It also includes live sessions featuring the tracks ‘A Pox on You’, ‘Oscillations’ and ‘Seagreen Serenade’. A great preview to the evening's live show at Mono.

Black Pond
GFT, Sunday 26 February (16.30)
Finally, BAFTA-nominee Black Pond is a drily witty dark comedy and the debut feature from the exciting new team of Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley. Eccentric, unpredictable and brimming with pathos, this inventive, ascerbic original has surfed waves of rave reviews. The weary head of a dysfunctional, disconnected family, Tom (played by the brilliant Chris Langham) befriends a stranger he meets in the woods. Decidedly odd but touchingly vulnerable, the stranger instantly changes the dynamic between the members of the family.

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