15 Feb

Director/actress Kate Connor coming to the Festival


Glasgow Film Festival are excited to announce that Kate Connor will attend the screening of her film, Fort McCoy (Sunday 19 February, 17.50), which she wrote, directed and starred in. Connor will introduce the film, and participate in a Q&A following the screening. 

Best known for her acting roles on television and in film, Connor has already won Best Feature at Hollywood Film Festival and Rhode Island International Film Festival, Best Historical/Period Film at WorldFest Houston and the Spirit of the Independent Award at Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival for her feature directorial debut.

Fort McCoy is a wholesome, heartfelt labour of love reflecting the true story of her family’s memories of life at a Wisconsin military base during the Second World War. Frank and Ruby Stirn arrive at the base in May 1944 with their two children and Ruby’s younger sister Anna. Unable to fight in the war, a guilty Frank makes use of his skills as a barber on a base that also serves as a POW camp for interned and often unrepentant Germans. The pressures and challenges for the family are played out in the shadow of an enemy who is rarely seen and seldom understood. A notable cast includes Eric Stoltz as Frank and the multi-talented Connor as Ruby, the director/actress’s own grandmother.

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