Planet of SnailN/C 8+

Dates Showing:
Sunday 19–Monday 20 February
Show Times:
times vary [ see showings ]
Award-winning documentary Planet of Snail takes viewers into the world of Young-Chan, a man who has been blind and deaf since birth. With the help of his wife Soon-Ho he learns to interact with the outside world, the two communicating by touching each others’ fingers as if playing the piano. Yet Soon-Ho cannot always be there for Young-Chan, as she herself suffers from a damaging spinal disability meaning the two must also learn to live alone. From South Korea comes a documentary of great poetry and tenderness, an exploration of the senses that marvels at life’s small wonders.


We are delighted that
Sheffield Doc/Fest representative Charlie Phillips will introduce the screenings on Sunday 19 February (20.30) and Monday 20 February (11.15), and take part in a Q&A session after each.

Seung-Jun Yi
Young-Chan, Soon-Ho
Running Time:
1h 27m
South Korea
Korean with subtitles

Comments (1)

  • 20 February 2012, 14:40
    David Palmer

    I found watching this film a deeply moving and humbling experience. Soon-Ho and Young-Chan have much to teach us about many things - sensitivity, cooperation, appreciation, thankfulness. A wonderfully poetic portrayal of extraordinary lives.

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