The Dead Man's Waltz: Story's EndN/C 15+

Dates Showing:
Thursday 7 February
Show Times:
21:30 [ see showings ]

The Dead Man’s Waltz are a pioneering group of musicians based in Glasgow and on the Isle of Skye. Since 2009 they have created a series of bizarre and imaginative shows involving spoken word, live action and film that have been performed across the country. In Story’s End they lead a group of artists including filmmaker Johnny Barrington, author Hal Duncan, animator Mark Weallans and visual artists Cat Ingall and Kate McMorrine on an investigation into how we tell stories about death. Death narrated, death unspoken, death foreseen, death as a gesture, death the scythe-bearing cameo… In song, spoken word and film, we come face to face with the one plot-twist that none of us can ignore.

Running Time:

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