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Dates Showing:
Wednesday 20–Thursday 21 February
Show Times:
times vary [ see showings ]
Raise a dram to the recent centenary of the birth of great Scottish director Alexander Mackendrick with his debut film, one of the most beloved of all the Ealing comedies. Author Compton MacKenzie based his story on the real-life 1941 sinking of the SS Politician, which went down near Eriskay in 1941. With their own supplies running out thanks to wartime rationing, the desperate inhabitants of a fictional Hebridean island liberate a shipwreck of the 50,000 cases of whisky it’s transporting, then try to hide their treasure trove from the authorities. In this delightfully romanticised account, MacKenzie and Mackendrick craft a winning blend of comedy and wonderfully larger than life characters in a joyous treat played to perfection by its indomitable cast.
Alexander Mackendrick
Basil Radford, Joan Greenwood, Catherine Lacey
Running Time:
1h 20m
English & Gaelic with English subtitles

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