The Lords of SalemN/C 18+

Dates Showing:
Friday 22 February
Show Times:
17:30 [ see showings ]

Hard rock Boston DJ Heidi Hawthorne co-hosts a late-night radio show. One day she receives a promo record from a mysterious band called The Lords whose music is strange and sinister. It transpires the droning tune was composed during the Witch Trials to turn all the local Salem women into satanic acolytes. When she plays it on the air, Heidi spirals into drug addiction and starts having nightmare hallucinations about the demon seed. Cult director Rob Zombie returns with his darkest horror – a journey to the unfathomable depths of terror in the tradition of Rosemary’s Baby and The Devils. UK premiere.

Preceded by episode one of Scandinavian TV series Hellfjord.

Rob Zombie
Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison, Judy Geeson
Running Time:
1h 41m

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