A long time ago – nine years in fact – in a galaxy far, far away (well, down south to you), Film4 FrightFest took its first baby steps towards GFF, to provide its fear-deprived audiences with some shock treatment. It turned out to be a marriage made in heaven – or hell? – because you loved us as much as we adored bringing you all the latest previews and premieres of genre goodies, handpicked by our warped minds to set your nerves jangling, and with surprise guest appearances for even more splatter sensation. So ‘We’re ba-a-a-ck!’ and devilishly delighted to do the horror honours once again as part of the brilliant GFF, with a line- up of movies so new to the festival circuit, so different and so startling, you really won’t believe your grazed retinas. The Fright Stuff from the expert team who know it best – accept no substitute.