Gala strand page

Every film at Glasgow Film Festival is special but there are some films that are just that wee bit more special than the others. The Galas are films that deserve the red carpet, razzle dazzle treatment. This is where you will discover Julianne Moore giving an Oscar-worthy performance in the touching Still Alice. This is where you can catch a first glimpse of X + Y, a complete charmer that is set to be one of the top British films of 2015. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart proves to be just as gifted behind the camera as he is in front of it with Rosewater, and nobody can warm the cockles of the heart with such effortless aplomb as Dustin Hoffman in Boychoir. Starry, starry nights full of grand masters, rising talents and extraordinary films that are destined to become your new favourites. What titles can we add to your must-see list?