Staande! Debout!N/C 12+

Dates Showing:
Friday 22 February
Show Times:
10:30 [ see showings ]
2012, Vilvoorde, an abandoned industrial area in Flanders, Belgium. Felix is an ex-car factory worker. Fifteen years ago his employer suddenly announced the plant’s closure. In response 4,000 workers went on strike, paralysing Belgium for weeks. But what remains after solidarity and struggle?

Based on true events, this fictionalised account follows Felix’s attempts to overcome forgetting and myth-making to make sense of the traumatic events. Part of ECONOMY, an exhibition presented across CCA (Glasgow) and Stills (Edinburgh) which examines how the economy shapes human life ( Presented in collaboration with The GSA’s Friday Event programme, the screening will be followed by a talk and the whole event will last 2h.

Free but ticketed, tickets available from GFT box office on the day.

Running Time:
Flemish & French with English subtitles

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