Courses for Adults: GUIDE TO COURSE LEVELS

GFT Learning courses are structured over three different levels to meet your needs and experience. To find out which course level might suit you best, look no further.

Due to the material occasionally shown or discussed in screenings and seminars, all participants must be over eighteen.

For additional information or for any questions, please email Programme Coordinator Sean Greenhorn at

Level 1: Introductory / Beginning critical engagement

Courses at Level 1 are ideal for those with little or no prior experience or knowledge of film studies. They provide a foundation for those wishing to broaden their critical understanding of cinema and allow participants to engage in friendly discussion about a range of topics.

Level 2: Furthering knowledge / Developing critical engagement

At Level 2, course participants have an opportunity to develop their critical skills and to widen their knowledge of film history, representation and craft. Courses at Level 2 will introduce participants to key readings in film studies relevant to the topics being discussed.

Level 3: Intermediate / Practicing critical engagement

This level is designed for those who have completed a Level 2 course or who have some experience of film or media studies in secondary, further or higher education. It is ideal for those who wish to prepare themselves for university level film studies or those who have completed an undergraduate course in film and television studies or a similar field. Participants are encouraged to read around the course.