13 Mar

Green blog: Climate Week, 12–18 March 2012


Hey folks, it’s the middle of March and Climate Week 2012 is upon us! Inspiring people to take action in developing a sustainable future, Climate Week is working with every sector of society to drive this campaign forward. This can be done by making simple changes at home – eating a low carbon meal or 'Greening your Space' – to further-reaching public events like film screenings. Last year, organisations and individuals from across the board took part in Climate Week by running events and showing support for the issue of climate change.

To find out who’s involved this year and what’s going on near you this week visit: www.climateweek.com

Or for some suggestions for what you can do for Climate Week go to: http://www.climateweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Easy_things_to_do.pdf

Also check out Climate Week’s newsletters in the download section of the website if you’re looking for more information.

Let’s spread the word for a sustainable future!

We're happy to report that the UK Green Film Festival was a finalist at the Climate Week awards in London. GFT are taking part in the Festival (18-20 May) with a weekend of films and free events and activities, stay tuned for more details...

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