1 Feb

Green blog: Landfill Harmonica


Upcoming feature-length documentary Landfill Harmonic focuses on a musical orchestra with a difference in Paraguay, where young musicians play instruments made from trash. 

Cateura, Paraguay is a town essentially built on top of a landfill. Garbage collectors browse the trash for sellable goods, and children are often at risk of getting involved with drugs and gangs. When orchestra director Szaran and music teacher Favio set up a music program for the kids of Cateura, they very quickly find themselves with more students than instruments.

Unwilling to turn away potential students, the two music teachers look around for inspiration and come up with an inventive solution; instruments made out of trash. Today in Cateura there’s an entire orchestra of assembled instruments, now called The Recycled Orchestra.

Landfill Harmonic shows how trash and recycled materials can be transformed into beautiful sounding musical instruments, but more importantly, it shows how imagination, creativity and resourcefulness can transform a community.

For more information visit the Landfill Harmonic website.

For a sneak preview of Landfill Harmonic watch a clip of the documentary:


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