We believe cinema is inspiring and informative. For this reason, Glasgow Film is committed to offering a range of opportunities for all ages to learn about the moving image.

Coming to the cinema should be about discovery. We think it’s important to provide opportunities for learning and participation in the cinema so that our audiences’ interest and enthusiasm for film can grow with us.

We want to give as many people as possible the chance to engage with film in an inspiring way. Our varied programme is complemented by activities which will appeal to diverse audiences. We work with local and national organisations, community groups and individual practitioners to create fresh, quality events which add value to our regular activities. Glasgow Film is dedicated to encouraging both children and adults to take a chance on film and discover more about the place of moving images in the world we live in.

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Glasgow Film is an educational charity. Glasgow Film Learning is made possible through funding from Creative Scotland, Glasgow City Council Education Services, The Robertson Trust and Europa Cinemas.