Environmental policy

Glasgow Film Theatre applies the same integrated approach that we have with our stakeholders, patrons and local community to our relationship with the environment. 

2012/13 aims:

  • Identify and meet or exceed all legal and industry standard environmental requirements relevant to our business 
  • Engage with staff and volunteers to promote environmental awareness and good practice 
  • Set objectives and targets, with regular reviews, to support this policy, continually improve our environmental performance and reduce our carbon footprint 
  • Organise events and promote artists, creative industry bodies and cultural dialogue that will educate and inspire the local community to live sustainably 
  • Lead on attaining the British Sustainable Standard for Film (BS8909) 

Targets to achieve our aims:

  • Continue to hold high profile environmental awareness events such as the UK Green Film Festival (May 2013) 
  • We have reduced our carbon emissions by 10% since August 2011 and aim to reduce by a further 5% by August 2013, through staff and volunteer engagement practices and our ‘Switch it off’ campaign
  • Continue waste monitoring and recycling and perform a waste audit to ascertain areas for improvement and potential waste reduction strategies by November 2012, adopting the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ principle
  • Implement public recycling facilities by August 2013
  • Develop a GFT cycle scheme by January 2013, aimed at encouraging GFT staff and
    volunteers to use sustainable modes of transport to travel to work
  • In June 2012, GFT became the first cinema in the UK to be Industry Green certified with a 2 star certification from Julie’s Bicycle, who provide environmental sustainability expertise to the creative industries. We will work towards achieving the maximum 3 stars by July 2013

This Environmental Policy is published in GFT public areas, given to staff and volunteers, as well as being available on our website.

Our progress towards the targets set out in this policy will be subject to regular review.

Issued: September 2012
Next review:
August 2013