Alternative Transport

If you usually travel to Glasgow Film Theatre by car and would like to try public transport or cycling, have a look at the links below for further information. 

Scotland-wide public transport information 

The national transport agency for Scotland


CityLink coaches between cities in Scotland


Plan your train journey and find ticket prices from National Rail Enquiries


Glasgow cycle routes and other crucial cycling info

Local bicycle hire in the Kelvingrove area

There is a cycle route between the Southside and the City Centre, newly opened; the 2km South-West City Way starts at the junction of Sheilds Road and St Andrew's Drive, taking in Scotland Street and West Street before linking with the Tradeston footbridge.

Info: Glasgow’s cycling network extends to 231km and includes bus/cycle lanes, on-road lanes, off-road tracks, designated routes in parks and signal crossings at main roads.

In recent years, Glasgow City Council has installed over 630 cycle racks throughout the City (many of which are in the City Centre). The installation of further racks is planned.

Greening yourself 

Sustainable Glasgow Initiative (aims to make Glasgow one of Europe’s most sustainable cities within 10 years)

All you need to know about recycling in Glasgow 

Free impartial advice on how to save energy in your home

Work out your carbon footprint with this handy calculator!

An easy way to compare car, plane and public transport carbon emissions

Government guide to carbon offsetting

Non-native species secretariat GB

Climate Crisis website including information on reducing your own environmental impact


Programme-related links 

Official website for the UK Green Film Festival

No Impact Man – Colin Beavan’s blog about what each of us can do to end our environmental crisis

Gasland – site about the impact of hydraulic fracking

Food, Inc – how much do we really know about the food we buy?

Planeat – the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet’s list of the 10 Best Eco-Movies for Kids: