What teachers have said about GFT schools events:

The film was excellent, as it did not fit the usual Hollywood mould. The reading of the subtitles kept the children fully focused on the story as it unfolded. (Alfie the Little Werewolf, GYFF 2013)

Very well organised screening. We came to GYFF last year and that’s why we came again this year. (The Gruffalo's Child, GYFF 2013)

A really positive experience for our pupils – they loved the film and have not stopped talking about it (Blancanieves, GYFF 2013).

Brilliant film, I’ll send in some pupils’ reviews. Please do another showing as I think other colleagues will come. (Kaddish for a Friend, GYFF 2013)

What a wonderful experience. Fabulous venue and a great choice of short films that were perfect for our children. Thank you for the wonderful experience. (Little Dreamers, GYFF 2013).

Definitely coming back. Pupils enjoyed what the musicians told them before the film. The film was really funny, characters were great. (Peter and the Wolf, GYFF 2013).

Absolutely coming back, thank you, we enjoyed the experience. (Private Peaceful, GYFF 2013).

One of the best films we've attended at the GFT - excellent, poignant and expertly crafted. We attend all school  events that we can, thanks to Glasgow Film Learning's regular communication and all the great things you offer to Glasgow schools. (Manufactured Landscapes, May 2011)

Absolutely loved the opportunity for discussion afterwards and gave the film so much more meaning to pupils. (GYFF 2011)

Beautiful film - outstanding artistic experience for pupils - rich for further learning in class. (GYFF 2011)

Film programme is always diverse and interesting at GFT. Keep up good work! (GYFF 2011)

I would like to say that we thoroughly enjoyed Le Petit Nicolas and I have now prepared a booklet using your teaching resources, which are great.  (French Film Festival 2010)

Great film! Very well organised for schools.

Excellent resources to follow up the film with, thanks so much.

Thanks again for giving schools such a great opportunity!

Excellent delivery and organisation - we love coming to GFT!

My pupils loved the movies so did we!

Thank you so much. We are so lucky to have the GFT here in Glasgow.

My class absolutely love the film and talked about it a lot when we came back here. I'm really pleased about that because it's not the kind of film that they'd normally go and see. At the GFT alone over the past couple of years they've seen quite a few great films which have helped to expand their taste and appreciation. Keep up the good work.