Film Discussion Group

Dates Showing:
Wednesday 12 August
Show Times:
18:30 [ see showings ]
This group meets on the second Wednesday of each month in GFT's Learning Room to discuss both blockbusters and arthouse movies. Led by film writer Eddie Harrison. Come along to chat about recent releases with other film lovers.

September's meeting will explore The Wolfpack, The Man From Uncle, Trainwreck and Mistress America.


Illustration by Helen Macdonald

Comments (2)

  • 04 June 2015, 17:38

    Was wondering what films would be discussed for the June meeting?

  • 09 June 2015, 18:47
    Kristopher Jack

    Hi Everyone :)
    I was wondering what this film group is like?
    I have loved film since a young age and post film reviews on my online blog. Have been looking for a film discussion group to join for some time now.
    I attended the Glasgore group last week and it was two of the most boring hours of my life as two of the organizers and another member dominated the entire discussion and would not let anyone else speak.

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