After School MidnightersN/C 8+

Dates Showing:
Saturday 13 October
Show Times:
13:30 [ see showings ]
St. Claire’s Elementary School is a prestigious private school with a long history and tradition. But the school has another face. After hours, when no one is in the classrooms, piano music drifts down the corridors. A black shadow appears on the surface of the pool. A blue-white light comes from the digital room, and a scream is heard from the darkness of the toilets. There’s also the small matter of the talking anatomy figure in the science room, who is determined to keep people away from the school at night! This inspired slapstick comedy has been submitted for an Academy Award in the best animated feature category.

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Hitoshi Takekiyo
Fûrin Cha, Hozumi Gôda, Mariya Ise
Running Time:
1h 34m
Japanese with subtitles

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