Tiger and Bunny - The BeginningN/C 8+

Dates Showing:
Sunday 14 October
Show Times:
12:30 [ see showings ]
In an alternate New York (called Sternblid City), the hugely popular ‘Hero TV’ broadcasts the daring feats of the city’s most famous superheroes, rating their achievements and awarding points until an annual King of Heroes is crowned. Known for careless property damage in the line of duty, unpopular veteran Wild Tiger is assigned a new partner by his corporate sponsors. The twenty-five-year-old ‘Super Rookie’ and he instantly clash over their conflicting opinions on how a superhero should behave, until a super-powered homicidal vigilante presents them with a far more serious problem. Based on the successful Japanese TV anime, Tiger and Bunny – The Beginning is presented at GFT on the same weekend as its Japanese release.

This film is screening as part of the Scotland Loves Anime season. Special ticket deal: see 5 films in this season for £30 full price or £22.50 concession.

Simply put one ticket for 5 different films in your basket and the discount will be applied at checkout. Make sure you select tickets at the correct price for you (ie if you're a student select 'Student'). CineCard holders get an extra pound off.

Trailer in Japanese. Film screening in Japanese with English subtitles.

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Running Time:
1h 30m
Japanese with subtitles

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