Hell Unltd/Traces LeftN/C 12+

Dates Showing:
Friday 8 March
Show Times:
18:30 [ see showings ]

A unique event to mark International Women’s Day and the contribution of women artists in Glasgow to protest movements.

Glasgow in the 1930s and 40s was a hotbed of political and cultural ferment. One woman in particular stands out as a contributor to this moment. Glasgow School of Art graduate Helen Biggar (1909–1953) created one of the UK’s most influential anti-war films with Norman McLaren just as the Spanish Civil War began. Hell Unltd (1936) is presented for the first time with a specially commissioned live score performed by Kim Moore (Zoey van Goey) and Gareth Griffiths.

The live performance will be preceded by a rare screening of Traces Left (1983), a documentary about the Glasgow art and political scene in the 1930s and 40s, which focuses in particular on Helen Biggar.

This project is supported by the PRS for Music Foundation through Women Make Music. www.prsformusicfoundation.com

Specially commissioned programme notes are available for this screening.

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Helen Biggar & Norman McLaren / Alan Lovell
Running Time:
1h 30m

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