Rear WindowPG

Dates Showing:
Tuesday 5 March
Show Times:
17:50 [ see showings ]
A celebrated photographer (Stewart) is confined to his apartment by a broken leg. With little to do but watch the comings-and-goings of his neighbours from his window, he spies on them with his telescope and camera. When he believes he has witnessed a murder, he enlists the help of his maid (Thelma Ritter) and his girlfriend (Kelly) as he tries to get to the bottom of the mystery in this suspenseful thriller.

Rear Window
is screening as part of our Making Meaning season and will be preceded by a 15 minute introduction by David Griffith, an experienced feature film screenwriter, story consultant and screenwriting tutor, who will speak about the film's structure, narrative and genre.

Alfred Hitchcock
James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey
Running Time:
1h 52m

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