The Stuart Hall Project12A

Dates Showing:
Sunday 1 December
Show Times:
15:50 [ see showings ]

Highly acclaimed at this year’s Sundance and Sheffield Doc/Fest, John Akomfrah’s latest documentary is an absorbing tribute to cultural theorist Stuart Hall. Focusing on Hall’s life story, the documentary uses a montage of archival imagery and specially filmed material to explore Hall’s opinions on subjects such as identity, equality and culture.

Introduced by Steven Cairns, Associate Curator of Artists’ Moving Image at ICA, to coincide with exhibition ‘House Style’ (25 Oct – 19 Jan at Tramway).

John Akomfrah
Running Time:
1h 43m

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  • 11 November 2013, 12:02
    Sarah Armstrong

    Hi there - I teach in Sociology at Glasgow University and we are having a workshop on of PhD Students, hoping to end it by all going to this documentary (The Stuart Hall Project) . Any chance we could get a group discount (perhaps you could tell us a price on whether our group has 10, 20 or 30 people)?
    Many thanks, Sarah

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