The G

Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone, A Love Song) stars in this pacy and complex revenge thriller that proves hell hath no fury like a grandmother scorned. Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone, A Love Song) is menacingly magnetic as foul-mouthed, hard-drinking bad-ass gran Ann Hunter - aka The G - in Karl R Hearne’s gritty Canadian revenge thriller. After her home and loved ones are targeted by a corrupt legal guardian (Bruce Ramsay), Ann views being moved to a care home as an act of war. She soon sets about taking back control as her granddaughter Emma (Romaine Denis) is also hatching a plan to get her out. A twisty story that makes a serious point about how society treats the elderly, packing plenty of pace and punch. The screening on 29 February will be followed by a Q&A with Karl R. Hearne and Dale Dickey. CrimePT1H39MN/C 15+2024-02-29
Dale Dickey
Romane Denis
Bruce Ramsay
Karl R. Hearne
Karl R. Hearne
The G"The G"


February 29, 8:30 pm

March 2, 6:15 pm