X Trillion + Q&A

Followed by a Q&A with director Eleanor Church and producer Verity Wislocki. 14 women, 3000 miles, X trillion pieces of plastic. A journey that promises to change not only the women's lives but the very future of our planet. X Trillion follows the journey of 14 women as they sail a gruelling 3000 miles across the North Pacific Ocean to one of the most remote places on Earth, but also the location of the densest accumulation of ocean plastic – the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.​ The 14 women international crew was made up of scientists, filmmakers, circular-economists, engineers, teachers, packaging designers and creators – but very few were sailors. A life-affirming, optimistic story of adventure, discovery, science and solidarity and a call to action that burns with optimism.DocumentaryPT1H8MPG2024-07-11
Eleanor Church
X Trillion + Q&A"X Trillion + Q&A"


July 11, 8:10 pm

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